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6 Female Designers You Have To Know About

We at Find Fashion are inspired my creativity, innovation, and design. We are absolutely filled with love and inspiration when we see designers revolutionize the fashion industry. Without constant re-engineering and re thinking what is already out there; the fashion world that we see today would not exist.Think about some of the most iconic names in fashion: Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent. Each of these unprecedented brands delivers stunning pieces of couture that have redefined the fashion industry. They also share a common thread that may seem so obvious you’ve never given it a second thought: Each is named after its male founder. Although it might seem that an industry that creates products molded for women would be abundant in female leaders, the number of female heads at renowned brands has historically been lacking. However, the male-dominated fashion industry has rapidly changed in the 2000s. Thanks to the blue print layouts placed by trailblazers such as Coco Chanel, female heads are becoming more common, and with their ascendance, women are building brands of their own.



Stella McCartney began her career in fashion as an intern for Christian Lacroix before rapidly landing the role of fashion director for Chloé, where she succeeded Karl Lagerfeld. In 2001, McCartney debuted her own eponymous named brand to critical acclaim. The Stella McCartney line is now admired for its colorful, lively designs that prove fashion is above all, a means to experiment and express yourself. The brand also separates itself by maintaining a cruelty-free policy that doesn’t utilize animal products in its designs.



Rachel Comey’s career in fashion began not with womenswear, but with menswear in 2001. However, Comey had built a loyal following by 2004 and soon expanded her line to include womenswear and footwear. Since then, cult favorites like the Mars Bootie and Legion jeans have come to define the brand’s chic, laid-back style that is at once practical and daring. Manufactured and helmed in New York, Comey’s brand perfectly characterizes the glamour New York fashion is known for.



Twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen began their fashion career in 2006 with couture fashion label, The Row. After the brand’s success, the sisters established Elizabeth and James, a more moderately priced ready-to-wear line in 2007. In 2012, the sisters took home the coveted top prize at the CFDA Awards, cementing themselves as a force in fashion to be reckoned with.



Italian fashion designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri currently has one of the most distinguished careers in the fashion industry, with a hand in some of the most legendary names in design. Chiuri, along with designer Pierpaolo Piccioli, headed Valentino from 1999 to 2016. In the fall of 2016, Chiuri took up the mantle as Dior’s fashion director, her first time alone as head of a brand. The historical appointment made Chiuri the first woman ever appointed as director in Dior’s history. Now that is some serious girl boss material.



American designer Jenna Lyons has been working for J.Crew since she was 21 as an assistant designer for its menswear division. Since then, her career at the brand has skyrocketed at a tremendous pace. She was appointed vice president of women’s design in 2003, executive creative director in 2008, and, finally, president in 2010. Lyons is an inspiration not only to female designers, but to young people in every industry who strive to turn their wildest dreams into reality.



Alessandra Facchinetti has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion. She began at Prada, working mainly with Prada’s sister line, Miu Miu. She then worked with designer Tom Ford at Gucci for four years before being appointed creative director of Valentino in 2007. In 2013, Facchinetti became creative director for Tod’s, which she was the head of until May 2016. Having forged a blazing path in the world of fashion, Facchinetti’s keen eye for pushing trends is sure to lead her to continued success.

Women are continuing to change the role’s in designer fashion and we can’t wait to see what new designers arise in 2017 to create more commotion in the industry as a whole. Our note to inspiring designers is to just keep swimming, and let your creativity soar! Do not give up on your dreams, and let these women inspire you to keep pushing through the hard work.

Xx, B


London Design Museum: Women Fashion Power

Fashion is not limited to the clothes that we wear or the latest trends. Fashion is a way that we as individuals choose to express our personalities, goals, and interests. Although fashion trends act as a guiding force in our clothing choices, no two people have the exact same style. Our fashion choices align with who we are, what we do, and what we want. There is a certain power that comes from dressing in a way that is fashion forward but still fits one’s specific lifestyle. The term, “Dress for Success,” holds truth in the fact that our fashion choices can empower us with poise and confidence in our daily lives. unnamed-1

London’s Design Museum is supporting this idea with their recent exhibit entitled, “Women Fashion Power.” This exhibit, which opened on October 29, 2014 and will run until April 26, 2015, features the fashion insight and choices of 26 of London’s most powerful women over a time span of 150 years. From princesses, to models, to CEOs, to Dames and designers, this exhibit shows how years of influential and powerful women expressed themselves through their fashion choices in a way that helped illustrate their position and authority in society. The exhibit brings together interviews, multimedia interactions, and historic pieces of clothing to create a display that truly showcases the beauty and influence these women and their fashion choices held. Some of the women showcased in this exhibit include Princess Diana of Wales, designer Diane von Fürstenberg, former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, and members of the 19th-century suffragette movement, which campaigned to allow British women the right to vote. Every contemporary woman featured in the display has also contributed one of their own outfits to the exhibit as well as personal insight on their current outlook on fashion and style. unnamed-2

Due to the focus the exhibit holds on women of power, it was only fitting that some of London’s most influential women of today took part in the creation of this display.  The exhibit was designed by world-famous architect, Zaha Hadid, who designed the London Aquatic Centre for the 2012 Olympics. Other contributors to the exhibit included fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo. From its history to its creation, the Women Fashion Power exhibit is an excellent example of how women of influence use fashion as a way of self- expression, beauty, and power.